Product Details

Option 1

Warning: Caution: keep hands and limbs clear of mower deck blades to prevent serious injury from occuring.

Directions for Use:
1) Turn off lawn mower engine.
2) Attach garden hose to Spray-N-Mow unit.
3) Attach the unit to the mower desk starting at the opposite end of the discharge. Place the spray unit along the side of the mower deck, magnet up, with the spray unit under the mower deck.
4) Check to see that the spray unit is below and clear of the mower blades.
5) Remove and re-attach the spray unit to another section of the deck, and repeat the procedure to thoroughly clean all sides of the mower deck.

Further options:
1) With the Spray-N-Mow unit secured to the mower deck and ready for use, connect a universal shut-off valve between the water hose and the Spray-N-Mow unit.
2) Make sure the engine is not running and the mower deck blades are not rotating.
3) Keep hands clear of the mower blades. Place the Spray-N-Mow in a different position to clean the underneath of the deck where it was not previously sprayed.
4) Continue this process until all angles of the deck and directions of the mower deck blades have been sprayed. This will insure that all areas of the mower deck have been thoroughly cleaned.

Continue to follow all safety precautions!

Always turn off the mower deck blades and engine when attaching or moving the spray unit onto or from the mower deck.

The Spray-N-Mow unit does not require the mower deck blades to be engaged and rotating in order to clean the underside of the deck.
When replacing the mower deck blades, with the blades off the deck, attach the spray unit to the mower deck and pressure clean the underside of the deck and spindles.

With the cleaning cycle complete, allow the mower deck to dry.
For best results turn the water valve to a fully open position and use a moderate length, 50'-75' hose for optimal water pressure.

Option 2

Options for use with specific applications
1) Commercial and industrial lawn tractors
2) Heavy duty or garden tractors.
3) Riding lawn mowers.
The lawn mower deck must have the capability of adjusting 4" from the ground to the bottom of the mowing deck.
The Spray-N-Mow tool with the magnet up must clear the mower deck cutting blades and or mulching units attached underneath the mower deck.

Instructions for use with these applications
1) Park the lawn mower or garden tractor on grass or a soft surface.
2) Turn off the engine and lawn mower cutting blades.
3) Attach the Spray-N-Mow tool to the water inlet hose.
4) Keep your hands and limbs free from underneath the mower deck and cutting blades.
5) Adjust the mower deck 4" or higher to clear the underneath of the mower deck from the Spray-N-Mow tool.
6) Place the Spray-N-Mow unit on the ground magnet side up. Slide the unit under the mower deck with the spray holes under the mower deck.
7) Turn on the water valve allowing the Spray-N-Mow unit to clean the underneath of the mower deck.
8) Slide the Spray-N-Mow under the mower deck in all four directions. This will allow the Spray-N-Mow to clean all sections of the mower deck.
9) To complete the cleaning process, attach the Spray-N-Mow unit to the mower deck by use of the magnet. With the water spray on, change the location of the Spray-N-Mow starting at the opposite end of the discharge.
10) When the rinse water is clear the cleaning process will be finished.
For the most effective result, repeat this cleaning process after each mowing.